How to get rid of fruit flies in your home, bar, or restaurant without using chemicals, sprays or zapper

Janine D.

The most common natural home solution: apple cider vinegar and dish soap to kill fruit flies

Does apple cider vinegar and dish soap work to get rid of fruit flies? Does dumping bleach down your sink get rid of drain flies? Do these methods work?

The short answer is yes and no.

One of the most common "natural" way to kill fruit flies is to pour a small amount of vinegar and dish soap in a little bowl, cover it with plastic and poke little holes in it. The flies go in, and don't know how to get back out. The sweet aroma of vinegar draws them toward the dish, and once they touch the liquid, the dish soap drowns them. Problem solved. 

But the problem is this: it doesn't work all that well for most people, and secondly it stinks! Vinegar is a very potent and pungent liquid - it's just not fun having that open in the house. Especially if there are kids around. Also, who wants dead flying insects floating around on their kitchen counter, table, bar, or restaurant?

What about bleach down the drain? Does that get rid of drain flies?

Sometimes. Another common solution is using 1 part bleach to 10 part water poured into the sink, let it sit for a few hours, and flush it with cold water, or you can buy this drain solution specifically made for this problem that will eliminate this problem once and for all. . This may work for you, if there are larvae in your drain or sink area. It's easy enough to tray, but if you operate a bar or business, you'd know how hard it is to not use the sink for a few hours. And who wants to stay a few hours after closing just to do this? 

If you are willing, this is a great solution to prevent future drain flies. What about the existing ones? 

A chemical-free nontoxic way to get rid of gnats, fruit flies, and drain flies

What if you don't want to use stinky solutions, loud zappers, or wait hours to get rid of these pests? The apple cider vinegar smells, having floating dead insects on your counter is just plain unsightly. What is the alternative?

Eon Luxe fruit fly trap is a new, innovative solution that catches fruit flies, drain flies, and gnats without all the chemicals or vinegar, or that awful zapping noise. This new company uses an innovative way to catch and kill these little bugs by using a UV light, a fan, and a glue pad. Go here to check out this product on Amazon,, or watch this video to find out how it works:

Nontoxic, whisper-quiet, chemical-free, zapper-free way to get rid of fruit flies

This works by the clever combination of UV light, quiet fan, and glue pad.


Step 1 – UV light attracts the bug

I bet you didn't know that drain flies, fruit flies, and mosquitoes are attracted to certain spectrum of UV light! Well, they do, believe it or not. Which is why this Eon Luxe device works wonders to attract fruit flies to it, without the need of awful, pungent smelling vinegar.  

Step 2 – The whisper-quiet fan sucks the fruit fly or gnat into the device

Once they are attracted to the device by the light, the bug starts to migrate near the Eon Luxe device. When they get too close, the fan sucks them.  

Step 3 – The flies goes through a no-escape cone-shaped vortex

The fruit fly is then pushed down through a vortex that allows entry in, but no exit out.

Step 4 - the glue pad seals the deal

The glue pad at the base of the unit kills the fruit fly. It is easy to replace with one push of a button, and this Eon Luxe unit comes with 6 glue pads to get you started. More glue pads can be purchased on Amazon.